Glass of Cider


Only in America is cider called hard cider. In the British Isles it is cider, in France, cidre and in Spain, sidre.

Unique among small Washington wineries, Westcott Bay Cider produces and bottles crisp, refreshing ciders with a complexity and finish provided by using traditional cider apples grown in our San Juan Island orchard. These are vintage apples with wonderful names like Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Sweet Coppin.

Cider making is a blender's art using different apples from the orchard to blend for spiciness and astringency. Westcott Bay ciders are made with 100% fresh pressed apple juice which runs brown with tannin and clears to a brilliant amber-gold as the juice gently ferments and mellows.

Serve our cider slightly chilled with cheese, fruit, seafood and light meals, or enjoy as a social drink with friends. You can purchase our ciders and fine distilled products locally at many San Juan Island markets and at Westcott Bay Cider/San Juan Island Distillery on Anderson Lane, San Juan Island.

We welcome visitors, with sales and tastings Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm (except January and February). For other visits please call ahead - 360.378.2606/360.378.3880

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